Miami 1 to 10

Even though I am a very nice guy, there are quite a few things that really piss me off. Right now at the head of the list is New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA. The jokers just raised our subway fares by 50 cents a ride with no vote on the matter and no discussion on the matter(kinda like Mayor Bloomberg banning smoking in bars in the city even through he didn't campaign behind it). 2 years ago they were sitting on a multimillion dollar surplus but now they say they are in the red and have to increase fares in order to "maintain service" which I guess means if you have a 3 train commute after 11 PM, it will still take you 2 hours to get home. Maybe they saw their chance after 9/11 to claim they were broke(even though FEMA paid for all the fixes to the subway system). I don't know....Assholes. But wait, I have proof:

Here is a history of the MTA from New York Press. Great article on how politics REALLY work.

Here is a story from today's New York Post(my daily paper of choice) about how the MTA has 2 sets of books.

And finally, Here is a story from 1010 WINS-AM that states that the MTA lied about having to raise subway fares.

What I want to know is, if these stories are true, why isn't everyone that knew about this or in on this from the MTA fired immediately?