The Chemical Brothers take over the decks at Centro-Fly


The Chemical Brothers take over the decks at Centro-Fly. They are renowned for their DJ sets, though Centro-Fly was packed to the brim last time they came through. That was also Centro's grand reopening, so hopefully tonight'll give people more room to dance.

Guitarist Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has a photo exhibit up at Passerby (436 West 15th St.) through April 3, and tonight is the opening party. Which is a good excuse to visit a gallery/bar I always enjoy but never make the trek out to. (Hard to resist a flashing floor.)


Bettie Serveert and Asobi Seksu play the Mercury Lounge. I didn't even realize Bettie Serveert were still around, but I always loved "Ray Ray Rain" back in the day. Asobi Seksu I've already raved about, so this time check out the cool poster Sean McCabe designed for the show. (He also does all of Interpol's artwork.) Word is Asobi's next show might be at the Bowery Ballroom, and they just got a mention in the NY Times - catch 'em while the gigs are still small.

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So last night's Television gig lived up to the hype - their best material may be over 25 years old, but they've still got the chops to go up against anyone. I expected Tom Verlaine to be the flashier guitarist on stage, but Richard Lloyd surprised as a total guitar god. Both, though, set the bar very high - the interplay between them was amazing. The way they traded off riffs was almost hard to follow. Not to discount the rest of the band though - they were sharp and creative on all fronts, reminding me of Sonic Youth's melodic, jammy side at times. Highlights included "Little Johnny Jewel", crowd favorite "Marquee Moon", and standing behind James McNew (of Yo La Tengo) in the bracelet line - made my evening.