Miami 1 to 10

Sometimes it is very depressing to log into your IM client and see you are the only person online. It's like "Oh yeah, everyone else has a life." Maybe I need to get out more.

I went out last night (for sushi...yummy).

I have to drive my girlfriend to the airport tomorrow AM, early.

Yes, that's right, I have to drive her.

I have a car now.

A Mercedes 330 e.

Don't be jealous, it's a 1992. So there!

In case anyone was wondering, I didn't win the Radiohead lottery so I will be watching their Beacon show at home on MTV like most everyone else. The box office only has 400 tickets for sale, so going to get in line right now would be a little pointless. People have been in line since Thursday night. Freaks.

Ok, I'm jealous...

Radiohead shows tell you where you are on the ticket-scamming totem pole because those are some HARD tickets to come by.

Today I was pressured into revealing my favorite 5 songs of the moment so I thought I would share them:

-Ted Leo "Hearts of Oak" from the album of the same name on Lookout! Records

-Radiohead "Where I End & You Begin" from their upcoming album(which is all over the p2p services) HAIL TO THE THIEF

-Super Furry Animals " The Undefeated" fromt heir upcoming album PHANTOM POWER

-Blur "My White Noise" from THINK TANK which I am still not loving but will keep listening

-Mark Gardener "Vapour Trail(acoustic)".