Miami 1 to 10

Like everything else, going to the grocery store in New York City(actually Brooklyn in this case) is an experience in itself. Most trips are an extreme exercise in patience that can try even the calmest of man.

Upon entering the grocery store, you have to immediately realize that your girlfriend is actually in charge there, so there is no use in fighting it. Ever take a long look at the check out line? It?s all guys, guarding the shopping cart or basket while the girlfriend is out picking up that last elusive item. Grenadine, Buttermilk, or Cayenne pepper. Whatever. Once you have everything picked out and are ready to pay...then comes the fun part. Everyone packs all of there food onto a 12 inch strip on the conveyer belt leading to the cash register. There are two people in front of that still need to check out, but your food needs to be up there. Even if this involves a three foot high pile of food that will shift dangerously once the belt is turned on. Your food deserves to be up there dammit! Tonight, the cashier one row over from us was holding her cell phone is on hand and checking everyone out with the other. It was strictly a one hand operation. She talked throughout the whole process. Funny that. Then comes the task of bagging your own groceries so you can go outside and wait for the bus for the next 15 minutes. The rest of it?s not so bad. But the bus is the kicker on top of it all. I NEVER catch the bus. The bus hates me.

Morrissey at the Apollo

Following in the footsteps of such musical legends as Stevie Wonder and James Brown, soul master Morrissey will take over the Apollo Theatre in Harlem this May. You read me correctly, Morrissey at the Apollo. Five shows: May 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th. Tickets will go on sale via Ticketmaster this Saturday at Noon.

The shows will come just days before the release of Mozzer's first album in almost seven years, You Are the Quarry, due May 18th in the US. According to the official press release, Quarry is a "much brighter sounding album" than previous efforts and Stephen goes on record, saying "We've turned the page with Quarry. It's a dynamic album and I couldn't be any happier." I'm happy to hear he's so chipper, but I expect Morrissey will be his old droll and gloomy self come May. One can only hope...

Update: Former Smith Members DJ at Centro Fly: In other Morrissey-related news, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke will be spinning at Centro-Fly on Saturday night. Apparently, they'll be joined by Ultragrrl, Alex English and DJ Oil as well. So celebrate scoring your Morrissey tickets, Saturday at 9:30 PM.