Why elderly people turn into a soft target for obesity?

Why elderly people turn into a soft target for obesity?

Obesity has taken the slot of the most stringent challenge to global health. Though, this health condition can attack people at any age, however, elderly individuals stand more vulnerable to face its attack. Likewise, in these individuals, obesity can produce https://www.medicalinsurance2020.org the most devastating outcomes. Hence, it makes sense to discuss about the correlation between aging an obesity that will enable older people to escape this death trap.

With aging it is obvious that body functions will slow down

One of the most obvious outcome is that the body functions start to retard and slow down. As such retarded digestive and metabolic function, the body finds it impossible to convert the calorie into energy. Rather, at this stage, as the digestive and metabolic rates slow down, the body starts accumulating unhealthy and stubborn body fats that become impossible to eliminate. It is for this reason that elderly people are very commonly attacked by obesity, shattering their health and well being.

It is obvious that with no or minimum physical activities, you will become a soft target for obesity

Another major factor that makes elderly people a soft target for obesity is that of minimum or no physical activities. As you retire, your physical activities will drop down significantly, and hence, your body will need lesser energy. So, same volume of food you use to consume earlier will produce more fats as your body now needs much lesser energy to power the body functions. This is a very important reason to make elderly people prone to catch obesity.

Lack of nutrition and growing stress

Situations will turn more challenging, if you are suffering from malnutrition and you are unable to control the stress. It is obvious that with aging, you will  start feeling more stressed, and this is what will blow the last nail to the coffin. The growing load of stress will slow down the body functions and hormones further that will turn your body into a fat generating machine. Same things happen, if you are not getting the necessary nutrition. In addition, other factors like adverse side effects of medicines is another factor that can enhance the chances of catching obesity in elderly people. Likewise, constipation is another threat that you need to control in this regard. However, with minimum lifestyle changes, these adverse instances can be prevented as well as reversed to ensure that you enjoy a healthy and happy life after retirement.